Circus Play with Preschoolers

A Lovely Day of Projector Play

When we use the color paddles on the overhead projector, we practice color mixing and color identification. If we combine this exploration with the circus rings, we also have a chance to build the muscles in our arms and legs as we flip and twist. Watching our shadows interact with the colored light on the wall helps us experiment with light and shadows, which is a way to observe cause and effect. While we play in this unstructured way together, we build vocabulary skills, practice speaking our needs and use our imaginations as we interact with our peers.

Gross Motor Play with Preschoolers

Dr. Kitty and Lightening perform a show in front of the color projections.

Light Play with Preschoolers

Dr. Kitty shows some love to the paparazzi.

Circus Play with Preschoolers

Professor worm notices his shadow during his circus performance.