Can You Make a Monster?

It had been a while since we played with Wikki Stix, and we smoothly jump right back into using them with confidence.

It takes about thirty seconds for us to begin dramatic play at the table as our Wikki Stix monsters evolve.

Drawing with Wiki Sticks

Using waxed covered colored string to make monsters builds our fine motor control and our problem solving skills.

Three friends choose to stay at this table for over half an hour while other friends are cooking and exploring the clay. As we sit together, we describe what our monsters can do and how they will attack and defend. In this way, we show what we know about the world and reflect things we are learning in other parts of our lives.

K: “My monster is a Hydra, with three heads!”

A: “I made a crossbow, pew pew.”

S: “My guy comes to cut off one of your heads.”

K: “It grows back two, now it has four heads!”

When we revisit materials that we lost interest in months ago but haven’t seen in a while, we have a chance to make our ideas visible in a fresh way.

Wiki Sticks help us develop fine motor control

Foreman makes a poison rainbow with his Wikki Stix and says, “Nobody can catch me!”


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